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How the Wonderful Green Clay Worked for me

Updated: Oct 21, 2018


I and my sports team, Team Tuscan have been using the magic clay for a number of years. It truly is a miracle product as it can be used for so many different things.

One of my show horses, TC, suffered a ruptured stifle when a helicopter flew over and spooked him. As he had been sedated he could not be put down without cremation and the vets were undecided if he would pull through. I decided to give him 48hours and covered him in the clay to take down the swelling. Come Monday morning the swelling was gone and his weekend he just contested his Hickstead Final!

Another one contracted osteomyelitis, and the swelling travelled downwards and burst through his knee. The clay helped repair this and 3 months later he won at Royal WIndsor, with no evidence at all of the rupture, no scarring at all.

I have also used the product with success to bring down early forming splints in show horses. Recently one of the horses suffered a wire injury and the clay removed all the swelling in a matter of days. Routinely we use it after jumping or hunting to cool the legs and draw out any swelling or thorns, so much cheaper than other products on the market.

We also use it on ourselves to bring out bruising or swelling if we have an unfortunate accident. Highly recommended.

Virginia Rider

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