Mountain Honey
Organic and Natural
Healing and Restoring

Our honey is straight from the beautiful and unspoilt Mountains in Bulgaria. It’s unique treacle colour is a result of the how the bees produce it. It’s raw and unpasteurised to ensure all the natural medicinal properties are still intact.

High in both minerals and amino acids, it’s incredibly nutritious. Rila honey is a natural antibiotic and probiotic so promotes gut health and overall wellbeing.

Due to the presence of powerful antiseptic, antibacterial and healing properties, honey is used as medicine to treat many common health problems.

Here's Five Unique Uses For Honey

  • Boosts Energy


Honey can instantly boost your energy level. Due to the natural sugars in honey, it provides a healthy source of calories and energy whenever the body needs them most. It easily fights fatigue and solves the problem of low energy.


  • Reduces Muscle Fatigue

Athletes often suffer from muscle fatigue, which can impact their performance level. But the problem can be solved easily with honey. Honey can boost athletes’ performance and endurance levels and reduce muscle fatigue. This is due to the combination of glucose and fructose in honey. Glucose is absorbed instantly by the body and provides immediate energy, while fructose is absorbed more slowly, providing sustained energy to the body.


  • Regulates blood sugar

Honey can help regulate blood sugar levels due to the combination of fructose and glucose. Some types of honeys have a low hypoglycaemic index. This means when such honey is consumed, it will not spike your blood sugar level fast. Those suffering from Type 1 diabetes can eat one tablespoon of honey daily. At the same time, the minerals, vitamins and antioxidant properties in honey are highly beneficial


  • Treats coughs and colds

Several studies have found that honey is a far more effective remedy for coughs compared to many over-the-counter cough medicines. Honey has strong antibacterial properties that help soothe sore throats and kill the bacteria that cause the infection.

  • Heals wounds, minor burns and cuts

Honey has natural antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. These properties help clean wounds and cuts. Also, honey can keep wounds and cuts free from infection, lessen pain and promote speedy healing.