The Wonderful Properties of The Clay

Green clay is used in alternative medicine, both externally and internally, for many reasons, but primarily for cleaning and detox because of its vast absorbent properties. It can be used as a soothing, healing balm for cuts, scrapes, sprains, minor burns and aching muscles.  Green clay can be made into a poultice and applied directly to the affected area. The clay works for cuts, scrapes, and wounds by drawing out the infection. It is said to be a comforting remedy for aching muscles and joints. The clay helps to achieve  pain free movement with conditions such as arthritis and muscle cramps caused by reduced levels of magnesium.

Italian Green Clay is often called Illite Clay or Sea Clay. This clay contains a wide variety of healing elements, including montmorillonite (Bentonite), magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, silicon, selenium, iron, copper, and cobalt. These mineral nutrients to the body, while simultaneously removing dangerous toxins like heavy metals, free radicals, and environmental pollutants. It is well known that the minerals in Italian green clay provide healing power: copper battles infections, selenium boosts liver function, cobalt treats anaemia, and all the minerals together work to slow the aging process and balance the body’s PH bringing it back to alkaline.

Clay has been used for centuries for its amazing properties: it is used to clean, detoxify, remineralize and regenerate the body inside-out. In the middle east, clay has always been used for washing and nourishing the hair, and it is still used to make natural soap, as a natural disinfectant for cleaning, as a detox drink, as a skin purifying and nourishing mask, as an anti-cellulite scrub…and in many other ways! It is truly a wonderful product of the earth, which once again proves how nature abounds with clean, super-effective remedies.


In short, clay binds to all toxins – both outside and inside your body, as some clays are also edible and used for internal cleansing, and draws everything out, while giving off its numerous minerals that are extremely nourishing and beneficial for the body. Amazing, uh

Mineral Property’s                                       Chemical Property’s


Smectite                  5%                                   Si0                     44.75

Interstratified         4%                                   AL203               15.95

Chlorite                  12%                                  FE203                4.75

Illite                         16%                                  Ti02                   0.61

Kaolinite                 24%                                  Ca0                    9.28

Quartz                    11%                                   Mg0                  3.61

Plagioclase               8%                                   K20                   2.45

K-Feidspar                4%                                   Na20                1.21

Calcite                     14%

Dolomite                   2%

Usage instructions:

It is best taken in the morning on an empty stomach. Dissolve 1 tsp of Ventilated Active Green Clay in a glass of spring or mineral water but not tap. Stir well and allow to sit for 10 minutes. Drink only the clay-infused water: do not consume the clay sediments at the bottom of the glass.

In addition to cleansing the body of toxins and heavy metals, green clay has many other health benefits:

  • regenerates cells and tissues.

  • prevents the spread of pathogenic bacteria and parasites.

  • prevents the growth of tumor cells.

  • has anti-inflammatory properties.

  • promotes wound healing.

  • cleanses and enriches the blood.